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Proxmox VE noVNC HTML5 console on a Acer Chromebook C720P 11,6″ HD touch

By default, consoling a virtual machine with Chrome on a Acer Chromebook C720P 11,6" HD touch is a major pain in the ass, because the touchpad won't touch anything inside the console window, only the buttons outside. Best solution so far (if you don't want to Chroot into an environment like Ubuntu and open Chrome/Chromium there, I sure don't unless I'm forced to); Change the Chrome flag touch-events from Automatic to Disabled (you can still use the screen as a touch screen).

  1. Open chrome://flags
  2. Find touch-events, change drop down menu from Automatic to Disabled
  3. Answer Yes when prompted to reboot (needed to apply the changes)
  4. Profit == Use the touchpad to navigate the mouse in a virtual machine running inside a Proxmox VE server

Dell Studio XPS 16 headphone audio fix

If you can't get audio out one of the two 3,5mm audio jacks in Fedora, just  add (or create file with):
options snd-hda-intel model=dell-m6
to /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf.
Reboot or reload module.


USB to Serial Cable (Sunsway U-224)

Tested on: Fedora 15 (BETA).

To be able to connect to ttyUSB0 with for example putty you first have to (as root):
chmod a+rw /dev/ttyUSB0

If it doesn't get ttyUSB0 you can check with:


VNC through a SSH tunnel

Here's a pretty good guide on the subject. If that site is down you can get a PDF of the information here.

If you don't want to use putty for SSH tunneling, you can use the following command in a terminal:
ssh -L 5902:<IP/DOMAIN>:5902 user@<IP/DOMAIN>
(Parts tagged as bold and italic you'lll have to exchange with your own setup of course)

If you want to set up your Android device to connect, you'll need a SSH client for Android, like for example ConnectBot. Use it to connect to the server, log in, click Menu, click on Port Forwards, click Menu, click Add Port Forwards, choose (from the example) 5902 in source port and localhost:5902 in destination, and you should be ready to go. Then you just need a VNC client on your Android device, like RealVNC (or a free app if you can't or won't pay for apps).

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Backspace = Previous Page in Firefox

Type about:config in Firefox's address bar, search for "backspace" until you find browser.backspace_action, change the value to 0 (should be 2 by default).

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Spotify (Preview)

rpm -ivh
yum install spotify

Then disable spotify repo by switching "enabled=1" to "enabled=0" in the file called spotify.repo located in /etc/yum.repos.d/".
This can be done as root:

nano /etc/yum.repos.d/spotify.repo
turn "enabled=1" into "enabled=0" and save by hitting CTRL X and confirm change by pressing y (for yes).

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VideoLAN Client (VLC)

yum install vlc
(as long as you has RPM Fusion repo's enabled)

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yum install checkgmail

Great system tray application for checking (and more) mail in a Gmail-account.


Truecrypt / Realcrypt

yum install realcrypt

Should you ever need to create a cross platform (Win/Fedora) encrypted container in Truecrypt, just simply create the container (with a filesystem both plattforms will be able to mount, like FAT) in Realcrypt (Fedora version of Truecrypt) and mount it in either Truecrypt or Realcrypt when necessary.

If it's created in Truecrypt Windows version you won't get a filesystem that's supported in for example Realcrypt.


Hello everybody…

...out there using minix.

Simply put, this is a resource for members of where we log useful information and resources related to Linux.

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