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Proxmox VE noVNC HTML5 console on a Acer Chromebook C720P 11,6″ HD touch

By default, consoling a virtual machine with Chrome on a Acer Chromebook C720P 11,6" HD touch is a major pain in the ass, because the touchpad won't touch anything inside the console window, only the buttons outside. Best solution so far (if you don't want to Chroot into an environment like Ubuntu and open Chrome/Chromium there, I sure don't unless I'm forced to); Change the Chrome flag touch-events from Automatic to Disabled (you can still use the screen as a touch screen).

  1. Open chrome://flags
  2. Find touch-events, change drop down menu from Automatic to Disabled
  3. Answer Yes when prompted to reboot (needed to apply the changes)
  4. Profit == Use the touchpad to navigate the mouse in a virtual machine running inside a Proxmox VE server